Full Service Leasing

What is Full Service Leasing?

A full-service lease or a long-term lease is a leasing type where the car is given to the customer (lease) for a certain period of time (on average 2-5 years). During this time the customer pays the car depreciation value. As part of a full-service lease, it is also possible to include additional services in the form of insurance, maintenance, taxes and other services in a monthly fee.

What are the benefits of full service leasing?

  • The fleet costs are transparent, evenly distributed over a longer period and easily planned
  • Rental cars are not fixed assets - the company's balance sheet is not overloaded
  • Significant optimization of funding, time, and human resources - no employee in the company needs to manage the fleet
  • Accessibility accounting - The company receives one invoice for all car-related services

Auto 100 Rent Full Service Lease

  • Manages your car and coordinates every action from ordering and handing over to returning your car
  • Aligns the total cost of maintenance by dividing the regular cost of using the car for the rental period
  • The monthly rent is unchanged throughout the rental period. It depends on the purchase price of the vehicle and the residual value at the end of the operating lease as well as the additional services selected
  • When the contract expires, the customer can choose whether to return the vehicle and choose a new one - extend the existing contract and continue to use the vehicle or buy the vehicle with its residual value
  • We offer full service leasing for all models
  • Comfort services are not included in the standard package. If desired, they can be added for an additional fee.