Cars for sale

Auto 100 Premium Select aims to simplify the process of finding the right used car for the customer in the premium segment. The search filter helps to navigate the wide range of existing used cars available on our website. From our selection you will find a vehicle that suits your needs – different body types, equipment levels, power outputs, price classes, etc.

All cars have a previously verified history. Included are the service history, data on previous repairs, and information on accidents and loss adjustments.

Vehicles on sale can be inspected and test-driven before signing a contract.

Auto 100 AS is a member of the acclaimed Estonian Association of Automobile Sales and Service Companies (AMTEL).


Up to a 6 month warranty

Our cars have been subjected to a technical inspection, which is why we are able to offer a technical warranty of up to 6 months for any car up to 7 years of age and with a mileage of up to 150,000 km.

Check out our used cars here.


Auto 100 AS quality policy principles:

  • Achieving credibility among customers through listening, taking into account, and fulfilling the customer’s demands and wishes, and through the quality and timeliness of execution
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements in our activities
  • Honest, caring, well-trained, and professional staff
  • Modern management methods
  • Constructive and balanced cooperation with partners
  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system, activities, processes, and services
  • We are straightforward, honest, and ethical in everything we do
  • We are attentive to our colleagues and our working environment
  • We protect and safeguard the health of our employees, customers, and partners



How to register for a test drive?

To book a test drive, please make an appointment in advance with our sales consultant: +372-683-7060 or

Can I use my existing vehicle as a down payment?

Yes. We will evaluate your existing vehicle and send you a quote.

Does your company also offer leasing?

Options include various banks and the company’s own Auto 100 Rent leasing. To receive an offer, please consult with our sales consultant.

Repurchase of vehicles

  • We offer the opportunity to use your existing vehicle as a down payment for a new vehicle.
  • Our sales consultant will assess the value of your existing vehicle and make a buy-back offer based on the value of your vehicle.

Ordering cars from Europe

Our team is ready to help you find a suitable car even from outside of Estonia.

The car ordering service includes:

  • Finding and selecting a suitable car according to the customer’s needs
  • Vehicle background check
  • Preparing the necessary documents
  • Lease application, offer, and financing
  • Transportation to Estonia
  • Presentation of the vehicle at the Transport Administration and registration in Estonia