What is premium select?

Auto 100 Premium Select is a seller of used premium segment vehicles in Estonia. Our selection includes a large number of vehicles from various car brands: BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Škoda, Volkswagen, and others.

Auto 100 Premium Select have years of experience selling vehicles in the Baltic states. A high level of quality is observable in every aspect of our business, which allows us to offer our customers peace of mind.

Auto 100 Premium Select OÜ is a member of the acclaimed Estonian Association of Automobile Sales and Service Companies (AMTEL).

Our benefits

Our cars have been subjected to a technical inspection, which is why we are able to offer a technical warranty of up to 6 months for any car up to 7 years of age and with a mileage of up to 150,000 km.

In our selection you will find vehicles:

  • In different price ranges
  • With a wide range of equipment
  • With a valid factory warranty or up to a 6-month warranty from us

Verified history

All of our vehicles have a verified history. All cars come with a service history, data on previous repairs, and information on accidents and loss adjustments.

Full service and complete comfort

  • Cars for sale
  • Repurchase of cars
  • Ordering cars from Europe
  • Verified history
  • Complete vehicle check
  • Warranty – up to 6 months or up to 150,000 km
  • Leasing – operating or capital lease